Our Operations

A company’s operations are only as strong as its’ weakest part. We, at VISIONknit, feel we stand apart from our competition in this area.

Everything from our over 100 years of combined technical knitting experience, to our climate controlled production floor and our just-in-time delivery systems, has allowed us to not only achieve year over year industry leading growth, but more importantly, has allowed us to help our customers develop new products faster, and achieve “gold medal” results at the same time.

From a people perspective, our fully trained and experienced staff are our most important asset, and our compensation/benefits structure reflects this.

Processes have been developed over time to optimize quality and efficiency while minimizing costs to you the customer.

VISIONknit's technology is based on German industry leading knitting equipment and an manufacturing centric ERP system which aids in order management.

Our Toronto based infrastructure is ideally located for ease of new product development and shipping across North America and overseas.