In 1994 The Herman Miller Company began using a woven mesh fabric as a suspension material for the seat and back of their Aeron chair. As woven mesh textiles became more widely available, many other furniture manufacturers introduced their own version of a mesh chair, most often with a mesh component being utilized for the back.

Management of VISIONknit recognized this new office seating industry shift and began to explore the potential for revolutionary new 3 dimensional technical textiles not possible with traditional weaving technology. Flat bed knitting machines usually destined for the fully fashioned knit and wear garment industry, coupled with the introduction of technical monofilament yarns and alternative fibers, allowed VISIONknit to produce innovative knitted constructions.

After years of collaborative research and development, dozens of new product solutions were selectively introduced to North America’s leading office furniture industrial designers and manufacturers. The rest is knitting history! Today VISIONknit utilizes a myriad of knitting techniques that have been developed to produce unique designs and performance characteristics:

  • various mesh constructions employing elastomer yarn for stretch and recovery
  • graduated opacity for unique effects
  • jacquard designs
  • accordion pleats
  • pillow spacer constructions
  • loop plush for hook attachments
  • shaped envelopes
  • single layer constructions with tubular sections
  • combined techniques to address complex shapes and attachments