Developing Industries

VISIONknit started with the furniture industry, but we’re not sitting back resting on our laurels – we’re now applying our innovative technical knitting capabilities to address new challenges and opportunities.

Similar to how VISIONknit management worked closely with designers and engineers in the furniture industry to redesign their historically labour intensive, high waste production environments, we are now bringing our capabilities to other industry sectors. Industries currently burdened with managing yard goods ordering, inventorying, cutting, sewing and waste management/disposal, are all potential candidates.

With our unique ability to create 3 dimensional shaped structures out of virtually any type of yarn, we find we are able to reduce a company’s material handling, processing and waste costs which allows companies to improve their internal competitiveness. In addition, our Just-In-Time production strategy allows firms to respond more quickly and effectively to their customer’s needs.

Improving the production process

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Compare the    Typical Woven Product Process to the    VISIONknit way

  • Yarn Prod/Ship
  • Weaving into Yard Goods
  • Yard Goods Shipment
  • Yard Goods Rec’ing/ Storage
  • Yard Goods Cutting
  • Yard Goods Waste Disposal
  • Material Piece Sewing/ Finishing
  • Knitting
  • Knitted Goods Shipment
  • Installation
  • Yard Goods Obsolescence


If these types of savings are of interest, please contact Customer Service at 416-640-5758.